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News articles can help create awareness of your brand, direct people to your website and create a buzz about your project. According to studies 92% of audiences trust earned media. When you are featured in magazines, news publications and other outlets it simply increases confidence in your brand. 

Tama Leia created PR Muse, floridianbluellc after learning from her own publicists on how to expand her company. In addition to these tools Tama has had the fortune of gracing some of the most influencial film sets, red carpet events and film junctions. She took the time to expand her media contact roster at each event and spent years building relationships that earned her access to some of the most prestigious publications in media.

She was so enchanted by these strategic methods and successful actions that she decided to offer the use of her own In House PR team  to other artists



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.*Named FloridanBlue after Tama Leia's  fond memories of the beach house her family owned off the Floridian coast.